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7 Subscription Boxes for College Students

School will soon be back in session. There will be thousands of students finding themselves away from the comforts of home for the first time. There are a few subscription box options that can help make your new college student’s transition a little easier.

Subscription Boxes for College Students

Doteable was designed specifically for new college students. “Dorm Duffels” are shipped to your scholar once per month and include up to $70 in essentials like razors, socks, underwear, seasonal finds and more. Two options are available for Guys and Gals; the original Dorm Duffel ($45/month) and the Dorm Duffel Mini ($15/month).

NatureBox can help with one of the hardest transitions for those away from home for the first time – eating right. Schedules are busy, a full kitchen may not be available, junk food may be a little too tempting. NatureBox ships 5 full-size healthy snacking selection each month for only $19.95. This subscription is perfect for those late nights studying! (Use this link to save $10 on your first month.)

Dollar Shave Club is perfect for the young male student in your life. Let’s be honest. He may be a little spoiled when it comes to shopping for toiletries and shaving supplies. This subscription will make sure he doesn’t run out of razors (no more excuse for stubble) and starts at just $1/month!

TOTA Press will help your pupil stay in-touch by sending two handcrafted lettercraft cards each month. Use them to say happy birthday, thank you or simply “Hello!” A one-month trial is only $10.

Le Parcel is one of many “time of the month” clubs. These programs are obviously designed for the ladies and deliver necessities like tampons, pads, chocolates and more to your door (or dorm). Choose your products, brands and frequency for $15 per cycle.

Bulu Box can help target those “freshman five.” This monthly shipment goes beyond the healthy snacking of NatureBox and offers fitness samples, weight loss items and more. This one is a bargain at only $10 per month. (Use code BULUGAN699 to receive your first box free.)

Birchbox is a fan favorite among beauty product lovers. These bargain boxes ($10 per month for ladies, $20 for men) include deluxe samples of hair products, bath & body items, fragrances and Lifestyle Bonuses. Your college student can review the products received to receive points that can be redeemed for full-size products.

Beauty Box 5 is another bargain beauty box and is very similar to Birchbox. I am listing them both because there are those that love Birchbox and those that prefer BB5. Beauty Box 5 does tend to send more drugstore brands compared to Birchbox. This one is available for $12 per month.

These are just a few of my personal favorites for getting your student through the college years and beyond. Are you a subscriber? What boxes do you feel would be perfect for dorm dwellers?

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Angie is a beauty product junkie who believes every woman deserves to look and feel good - regardless of your budget! You can connect with her on Facebook and Google+.


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