New Subscription Boxes: Besh Box

Beshbox LogoJohn Besh, world-renowned chef and restaurateur, has introduced a subscription box of his own. I love the concept behind this box because it is all about providing a home-cooked meal for your family – something I love to do! Per the website, the Besh Box will include:

– Gourmet cooking tools that I love
– Recipes that can be shared and expanded upon throughout the years
– Specialty ingredients that include small batch and local, artisan ingredients whenever possible
– Household kitchen items that I have discovered and want to share with you
– Fun toys and themed items that help bring the season or event to life
– Music playlists to inspire during prep, cooking, entertaining (or just dancing when no one is around!)
– Cocktail pairings that complete the dish
– An overview of a charitable organization that I will be supporting through your support of Besh Box

The subscription is $55 per month. Annual subscriptions will also include a copy of Chef Besh’s new book. Gift subscriptions are also available and do not auto-renew.

Order now to receive the limited edition holiday box, Holidays from the Heart. Boxes start shipping December 6 and the order deadline is December 12.

What do you think of the new Besh Box? Will you be ordering or gifting?

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