Bulu Box Weight Loss: August Review

Our August Bulu Box just arrived. We are subscribed to the weight loss version. These boxes contain 4-5 nutrition and weight loss samples.

Bulu Box Review August

Our August Bulu Box contained the following:

  • Kelapo Coconut Oil
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts
  • Celsius Negative Calorie Energy Drink (2 samples)
  • Athletic Edge LIV (2 samples)
  • Garden of Life RAW Organic Meal

Kelapo must be in the midst of a PR campaign as we have received their coconut oil in several boxes this month. No complaints! We will definitely use them.

The other products were all new to me. We are already happy to receive meal replacements and fitness drinks. I had never heard of hemp hearts but these are full of omegas and fiber and you can add them to salads or cereal or eat them straight from the bag. They are pretty good! They taste and have the consistency of sunflower seeds, in my opinion. They are a little difficult to eat from the bag due to their size, but I like them.

Also in this month’s box was 30 days of Yoga TV from charlottedodson.tv. And you can always earn 50 Rewards Points for reviewing your monthly features.

Use codeĀ BULUGAN699 to get your first month free!

Do you subscribe to Bulu Box? What was your favorite sample this month?

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