Jacked-in-a-Box Review

My husband is a long-time subscriber of JackedPack. Recently, Jacked-in-a-Box offered to send us a box to review. This is a monthly supplement subscription from the editors of Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness and FLEX magazines.

Jacked in a Box Review

The July Jacked-in-a-Box included:

  • B4 from BPI
  • Pump-HD from BPI
  • Paleo Protein from MHP
  • Beast Mode
  • HyperFX by BSN
  • Black Powder Ultra by MRI
  • GAT JetFuel Superburn
  • Gaspari Superdrive
  • Six Star Creatine X3
  • Formutech Lean-EFX Refined

July Jacked in a Box

Very impressive box! This subscription is $15 per month and includes a minimum of 5 samples per month. In addition to samples, a free subscription to Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX or Muscle & Fitness Hers is also available to subscribers.

As much as I loved the box, the website leaves much to be desired. There is not much information about the subscription available. No pricing information or examples of past boxes are listed. When you click Join Now, you are taken to a box to sign up for the newsletter as opposed to subscribing to the box. As fate would have it, when I tried to join it tells me I already have an account. It also tells me I forgot my password and they had to send me a new one.

It’s a good box though! Our last JackedPack included 7 samples, this one 10. We’re definitely game once I get my password woes figured out. Discounts are also available with 6 and 12-month subscriptions taking the price as low as $11.75 per box.

Visit Jacked-in-a-Box to learn more and start your subscription today.

Are you a current or past subscriber, what was your experience?

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